Powerful and Easy.

Intuitive relationship management software with multi channel automation and robust integrations.

Relationship Management

Integrate channel engagement data for every customer, so you can personalize messaging and make better business decisions.

Social Integration

Achieve a clearer perspective of your customers with converged social media profiles and activity with your contact records.

Web Activity

Cross correlate customer activity on your website such as pages visited, time spent on each page, number of visits, and time since last visit.

Purchase Tracking

View purchase history from online, POS and phone sales in each contact record for the unified customer view you need to run your business.

Abandoned Cart

Increase checkout conversions by as much as 50% with targeted abandoned cart messaging via customized shopping cart, SMS and email messaging.

Customer Perspective

Increase sales and enhance customer service by having all your customer  interaction data in one place.

Build Better Relationships